AMAPVox is an R package that embeds a Java Desktop Application. The Java part of AMAPVox is distributed as a set of JAR files (Java Archives) and is not included by default in the R package to keep it light. The R package handles the download of the JARs and manages multiple versions for the end user.

System requirements

Operating system: Windows (7 or above), Linux-based, Mac OS X. 64-Bit.

Java: For AMAPVox v2 or above, Java is embedded with AMAPVox binaries. For AMAPVox v1 the system requires Java 1.8 64-Bit with JavaFX. In practice either Java 1.8 64-Bit Oracle or Java 1.8 64-Bit Corretto.

CPU: one required but multi-core CPU recommended for multithreading execution.

RAM: 1GB is enough for running the sample case. It will greatly depends on the dimension of the voxel space and the size of the LiDAR scans.

OpenGL: Version 3 or higher, for visualization only.

AMAPVox R package

Install AMAPVox package latest stable version from source:

# install "remotes" package if not already installed
if (!any(grepl("remotes", rownames(installed.packages())))) install.packages("remotes")
# install latest stable version from source
# load AMAPVox package


Install and run latest AMAPVox GUI (with active internet connection)

After downloading latest version, AMAPVox GUI should start automatically:

For AMAPVox <= 1.10, if you get error(s) about java version, please read help page

? AMAPVox::run # section "Java 1.8 64-Bit with JavaFX"

List available remote versions:


Install specific version:

# install and run specific version
AMAPVox::run("1.6.4", check.update = FALSE)

List local versions:


Uninstall local version: