GlmSimulatoR v 1.0.0

Linting Function factory has argument checks and associated tests Variable name changes Improving vignettes

GlmSimulatoR v 0.2.5

Improving vignettes Improving test coverage

GlmSimulatoR v 0.2.4

Moving from travisCI to github actions. Updating code coverage. Removing printed message from dplyr. Adding a few more tests.

GlmSimulatoR v 0.2.3

Add xrange argument so ranges of predictors can be adjusted.

GlmSimulatoR v 0.2.2

Adding loglgog, logc, and identity links
to simulate_binomial.

Showing default values of arguments in

Removing unused ancillary argument from
simulate_poisson and simulate_binomial.

Rewording function documentation.

Updating vignettes

GlmSimulatoR v 0.2.1

Updating vignettes

GlmSimulatoR v 0.2

Changing argument dispersion to ancillary. 
Adding simulate_negative_binomial and simulate_tweedie.
Adding associated vignettes.

GlmSimulatoR v 0.1

Initial release.