Introduction to Statistics

The book Introduction to Statistics by W. Härdle, S.Klinke and B. Rönz has been published in 2015 by Springer Verlag (paper/pdf/epub).

It covers all the topics found in introductory descriptive statistics courses, including simple linear regression and time series analysis, the fundamentals of inferential statistics (probability theory, random sampling and estimation theory), and inferential statistics itself (confidence intervals, testing).

Interactive examples from the book

The interactive examples in the book could be reached via web link of the form In the package HKRbook these links has been replaced by functions men_xxxx().

# install the package once from CRAN
# install.packages("HKRbook")
men_asso()  # calls the Shiny app behind ""
# Additionally you may use your data sets, for details see ?men_asso

However, we streamlined some apps since they are more or less duplicates from each other.

R function Parameters Content Book link (
men_asso() data set(s) Association of categorical data men_asso, men_tab2
men_bin() parameters Binomial distribution men_bin
men_ci1() data set(s) Confidence interval for the mean men_ci1
men_ci2() data set(s) Confidence interval for the difference of two means men_ci2
men_cilen() Necessary sample size for confidence interval men_cilen
men_cipi() data set(s) Confidence interval for the proportion men_cipi
men_cisig() data set(s) Confidence interval for the variance men_cisig
men_corr() data set(s) Scatterplots and correlation men_corr, men_plot
men_die() Die rolling sisters (Bayes theorem) men_die
men_dot() data set(s) Dot plot/strip chart men_dot1, men_dot2
men_exp() parameters Exponential distribution men_exp
men_hall() Monty Hall problem men_hall
men_hist() data set(s) Histogram men_hist
men_hyp() parameters Hypergeometric distribution men_hyp
men_norm() parameters Normal distribution men_norm
men_parn() parameter Distribution of sample parameters of a numerical variable
men_poi() parameter Poisson distribution men_poi
men_rank() data set(s) Rank correlation of ordered variables men_rank
men_regr() data set(s) Simple linear regression men_regr
men_tab() data set(s) Frequencies table/Crosstable
men_terr() data set(s) Test of mean with type I and II error men_terr
men_time() time series Classical time series analysis men_time1, men_time2, men_time3
men_tmu1() data set(s) Test for mean men_tmu1
men_tmu2() data set(s) Test for mean difference men_tmu2
men_tprop() data set(s) Binomial test men_tprop
men_vis() data set(s) Visualizations of a numeric variable men_vis