To cite MixSIAR in publications use:

Stock BC, Jackson AL, Ward EJ, Parnell AC, Phillips DL, Semmens BX (2018). “Analyzing mixing systems using a new generation of Bayesian tracer mixing models.” PeerJ, 6, e5096.

Stock BC, Semmens BX (2016). “MixSIAR GUI User Manual.” doi:10.5281/zenodo.1209993, Version 3.1,

The primary citation for Bayesian mixing models (MixSIR): Moore, J. W., & Semmens, B. X. (2008). Incorporating uncertainty and prior information into stable isotope mixing models. Ecology Letters, 11(5), 470-480. If you are using the residual error term (SIAR): Parnell, A. C., Inger, R., Bearhop, S., & Jackson, A. L. (2010). Source partitioning using stable isotopes: coping with too much variation. PLoS One, 5(3), e9672. If you are using a hierarchical structure/random effects: Semmens, B. X., Ward, E. J., Moore, J. W., & Darimont, C. T. (2009). Quantifying inter- and intra-population niche variability using hierarchical Bayesian stable isotope mixing models. PLoS One, 4(7), e6187. If you are using continuous effects: Francis, T. B., Schindler, D. E., Holtgrieve, G. W., Larson, E. R., Scheuerell, M. D., Semmens, B. X., & Ward, E. J. (2011). Habitat structure determines resource use by zooplankton in temperate lakes. Ecology letters, 14(4), 364-372. If you are using source fitting: Ward, E. J., Semmens, B. X., & Schindler, D. E. (2010). Including source uncertainty and prior information in the analysis of stable isotope mixing models. Environmental science & technology, 44(12), 4645-4650. For a detailed description of the math underlying these models, see: Parnell, A. C., Phillips, D. L., Bearhop, S., Semmens, B. X., Ward, E. J., Moore, J. W., Jackson, A. L., Grey, J., Kelley, D. J., & Inger, R. (2013). Bayesian stable isotope mixing models. Environmetrics, 24, 387-399. If you use the 'process * resid' or 'resid only' error terms: Stock, B. C., & Semmens, B. X. (2016). Unifying error structures in commonly used biotracer mixing models. Ecology, 97(10), 2562-2569.

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