Version 0.0.4

  1. Updated vignettes to remove the usage of unnecessary packages.
  2. Added the following reference to CITATION, manuals and vignettes:
  1. Version 0.0.4 was created from version 0.0.3.

Version 0.0.3

  1. Fixed inconsistent statements of parameters between the text and the code in the two tutorial vignettes.
  2. Included a missing header “cmath” that caused the package 0.0.2 fail to build for Flavor r-oldrel-macos-x86_64.
  1. Updated DESCRIPTION.
  2. Replaced a hardcoded infinity by numeric_limits::infinity() in OptFramedClust.cpp.
  1. Version 0.0.3 was created from version 0.0.2

Version 0.0.2

  1. Fixed an issue of missing the C++ header file in the OptFramedClust.h.
  2. Removed unused C++ header files.
  3. Add three more parameters (fill, border, border.lty) to give the user more control over visualizing circular data clustering results by function plot.CirClust().
  4. Updated vignettes and manuals.
  1. Version 0.0.2 was created from version 0.0.1
  2. Return value of CirClust are now fully documented in the manual according to the code.
  3. Checked the return value of FramedClust.

Version 0.0.1

  1. Updated plot.CirClust() function to avoid calling par() function. This will give the user full control of graphic parameters. Updated the function’s manual, examples, and related vignettes.
  2. Updated package DESCRIPTION and
  3. Changed package title.
  1. Included with the package a FASTA file downloaded from GenBank accession number CP019943.1, representing the circular genome of Candidatus Carsonella ruddii, used in the vignette “Circular genome clustering”.
  1. Fixed issues with example(FramedClust).
  2. Optimized plot.CirClust output
  1. Fixed an issue where FramedClust crashed if the first.frame is not 1. E.g., FramedClust(1:10, 2, 4, 2, 7) FramedClust(1:10, 2, 4, 2, 6)
  1. The orange arrows in the “Circular genome clustering” vignette are visible now.
  2. Changed the frame.width argument in FramedClust function to frame.size, to reduce potential confusion.
  1. In FramedClust, replaced the default last.frame = length(X)-frame.width by last.frame = length(X)-frame.width+1,

  2. Replaced the circular data examples in plot.FramedClust

  3. Defined the meaning of frame.width in the user document and the details section.

  4. Updated the FramedClust() manual.

  1. Updated the package title and description.
  1. Created a unified function for framed clustering FramedClust( X, K, frame.width,
    first.frame = 1, last.frame = length(X)-frame.width+1, method = c(“linear.polylog”, “kmeans”, “Ckmeans.1d.dp”) )
  1. Completed the manual for function lin_polylog_framed_clust.
  2. Wrote the description of the package.
  3. Created a file.
  4. Tested the kmeans.framed.clust() function.
  1. Package name changed to OptCirClust to avoid confusion with a similar R package.
  1. Added more tests for function CirClust(), such as irregular input data.
  2. Changed the for-loops in CirClust() to vectorized operations.
  3. Corrected the mean in OCC.
  1. Created CirClust version 0.0.1 from optCclust version 0.1.0
  2. Renamed function Cir.Clust() to CirClust() to reduce confusion. This function returns an object of class “CirClust”.
  3. Renamed C/C++ function FOCC_Interface() to lin_polylog_framed_clust().
  4. Renamed file “FOCC_Interface.cpp” to “lin_polylog_framed_clust.cpp”
  5. Exported lin_polylog_framed_clust as a function for the package.