RcppDate: date C++ header library for R

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The date library by Howard Hinnant offers extensive date and time functionality for the C++11, C++14 and C++17 standards. A slighly modified version of date.h has been accepted (along with tz.h) as part of C++20.

This package regroups all header files from the upstream repository by Howard Hinnant so that other R packages can use them in their C++ code.


There is a lot of functionality in this library. As a teaser, consider these three compile-time instantiations of year_month_day types:

  constexpr auto x1 = 2015_y/March/22;
  constexpr auto x2 = March/22/2015;
  constexpr auto x3 = 22_d/March/2015;

See the file inst/examples/year_month_day.cpp for the complete example, and the upstream documentation for full details.


The tz.h header requires compiled support from tz.cpp which is not currently included so that this remains a header-only library.

See Also

The date repository and its links to documentation.


date was written by Howard Hinnant.

This package was put together by Dirk Eddelbuettel


The underlying library is MIT licensed.

The packaging and integrations is licensed under GPL (>= 2).