SEAHORS Vignette


SEAHORS is a R Shiny free open-source application that makes the exploration of the spatial distribution of archaeological objects fast and easy. Its main goal is to make the two and three-dimensional spatial analysis of archaeological data as user-friendly as possible. This is intended to lower the barrier for users who are not familiar with GIS and R.

SEAHORS has an easily accessible interface and uses text and Excel files (CSV and XLS respectively). The application includes functions to merge several databases, for example when spatial data and analysis data are stored in separate files.

The application is demonstrated online here.

It can generate five types of plots:

  1. 3D plots
  2. 2D plots
  3. 2D density plots
  4. plots generated by slicing the points cloud
  5. plots generated by modifying the angle of projection to explore spatial organisation without constraint of the grid orientation.

SEAHORS has visualization tools with several sorting and formatting keys (colours) applicable to coordinates and all possible analysis variables (i.e. levels, splits, analytical attributes).




# install.packages("devtools")

Load the package and launch the SEAHORS application:


Demonstration and tutorial

Example data set: the Cassenade Palaeolithic site

The SEAHORS comes with an embedded example data set, from the Cassenade Palaeolithic site (France).


To improve the interoperability between archaeological software, SEAHORS can export data to the format required by the [archeoViz]( application. Two options are available in the Table tab, archeoViz exports sub-tab: