TrumpetPlots Rpackage

About and preprint

TrumpetPlots is an R package to visualize the effect size of risk variants across the allele frequency spectrum.

For more information about Trumpet plots and to cite our work, visit our preprint Trumpet plots: Visualizing The Relationship Between Allele Frequency And Effect Size In Genetic Association Studies


To install, please install the “devtools” R package, then run



The function trumpets only requires a text file as input, containing association results. Please indicate the column names of the input dataset using the following arguments:

Use ‘toy_data’ to run an example

A ‘toy_data’ dataset is provided to test the function. This toy_data contains 8000 genetic associations and seven columns to showcase function ‘trumpets’. Data was obtained from GWAS and exome sequencing association analyses performend in the UK Biobank.

  1. Load the toy dataset: data(toy_data)
  2. Run the trumpets function: plot_trumpets(dataset = toy_data)

R Shiny application

For users with no knowledge of R, and to visualize Trumpet plots for >100 traits in the UK Biobank, visit the R Shiny application “Shiny Trumpets”, available at:

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