R package convergEU

Indicators and measures by country and time describe what happens at economic and social levels. This package provides functions to calculate several measures of convergence after imputing missing values. The automated download of Eurostat data, followed by the production of country fiches and indicator fiches, makes possible to automate the production of reports. This is the development release.

Some references are:

The stable release of the R package is available at https://CRAN.R-project.org/package=convergEU

This project is a joint work with Eurofound developed under contract № 18-3030-42.

January 2024 -The package has been updated to add patterns (from 39 to 59) to the country dynamics analysis, maps have also been added to the fiches.

You may use devtools to install the current version under development:

              build_vignettes= TRUE,
              force= TRUE)