crypto2 (development version)

crypto 2.0.1

Slight change in api call outcome needed a modification in crypto_info().

crypto 2.0.0

After a major change in the api structure of, the package had to be rewritten. As a result, many functions had to be rewritten, because data was not available any more in a similar format or with similar accuracy. Unfortunately, this will potentially break many users implementations. Here is a detailed list of changes:

crypto 1.4.6

Added new options “sort” and “sort_dir” for crypto_listings() to allow for the sorting of results, which in combination with “limit” allows, for example, to only download the top 100 CCs according to market capitalization that were listed at a certain date. Correct missing last_historical_data date conversion due to the now missing field.

crypto 1.4.5

Added a new function crypto_global_quotes() which retrieves global aggregate market statistics for CMC. There also were some bugs fixed.

crypto 1.4.4

A new function crypto_listings() is introduced to retrieve new/latest/historical listings and listing information at CMC. The option finalWait = TRUE does not seem to be necessary any more, also sleep can be set to ‘0’ seconds.

crypto 1.4.3

change limit==1 bug, add interval parameter (offered by pull-request), also change the amount of id splits to allow for max url length 2000

crypto 1.4.2

Repaired the history retrieval due to the fact that one api call can only retrieve 1000 data points. Therefore we have to call more often on the api when retrieving the entire history.

crypto 1.4.1

Added and corrected a waiter function to wait an additional 60 seconds after the end of the history command before another command could be executed (to not accidentally retrieve the same outdated data). Fixed the waiter.

crypto2 1.4.0

Due to a change in the web-api of CMC we can only make one call to the api per minute (else, it will just deliver the same output as for the first call of the 60 seconds). To reduce the overhang, I have redesigned the interfaces to retrieve as many ids from one api call as possible (limited by the 2000 character limitation of the URL). We can set requestLimit to increase/decrease the number of simultaneous ids that are retrieved from CMC.

crypto2 1.3.0

Rewrite of crypto_info and exchange_info to take similar input as crypto_history. Also extensively updated readme.

crypto2 1.2.1

Adapt spelling and ’’ for CRAN and explain why I have taken Jesse Vent off the package authors (except function names everything else is new)

crypto2 1.2.0

Add Exchange functions, delete unnecessary functions, update readme, prepare for submission to cran