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Warning to existing users
This version introduces a new API that should make the creation of tables more flexible.
The old API is still present but in a deprecated mode.
See the roadmap below, and the website for the new usage.
Suggestions about this change are welcome !


Desctable aims to be a simple and expressive interface to building statistical tables in R.

See for usage ond documentation.


Install from CRAN (0.1.9) with


or install the development version (0.3) from github with




This new version introduces a new internal representation as well as an entirely new API for desctable !
The original desctable function and usage remains until 1.0, but begins deprecation.

This new API is more flexible and more simple at the same time. Combine group_by, desc_table, desc_tests, and desc_output to create descriptive and comparative statistics tables and output them to various formats.

The internal representation is now a simple dataframe in the simple descriptive case, and a nested dataframe with list-columns for comparative tables, allowing easier manipulation by the user.