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The dfmeta package includes meta-analysis approaches for Phase I dose finding early phases clinical trials in order to better suit requirements in terms of the maximum tolerated dose (MTD) and the maximal dose regimem (MDR).


Establish Version

The 1st version of the package dfmeta will be available on CRAN very soon and it will be loaded via


Development Version

To install the dfmeta package from GitHub, first make sure that you can install the necessary depended packages such as stats4, lme4, plyr etc. Once the depended packages are successfully installed, you can install dfmeta from GitHub using the devtools package by executing the following in R:

if (!require(devtools)){


If installation fails, please let us know by filing an issue.

Details on formula syntax, families and link functions, as well as prior distributions can be found on the help page of the dfmeta function: {r help.dfmeta, eval=FALSE} help(dfmeta)


What is the best way to ask a question or propose a new feature?

You can either open an issue on github or write me an email to (