Bug fixes: - if no eye column is found, eyes also returns a list #31 - set_eye_strings also updates eye column #32 - partial eye strings recognized in column names #33 - to_etdrs now correctly always returns integer class vector #34 - conversion of pure “NA” saved as character now correctly returns NA #35 - logMAR will return rounded values to the first digit when noplus = TRUE #37 - to_etdrs from pure qualitative values correctly returns 0 for NPL and PL #38


Summary of changes: - eyes() - now returns lists (of class “eyes”) for easier access of count data - set_eye_strings() - set string codes globally! This makes it easier for people using different languages to use eye. - recodeye: renamed “eyecodes” argument to “eyestrings” - Change of terminology to “subjects/id” rather than “patients” - simplified code

Details: - eyes(): “details” argument creates object of class “eyes_details”, allowing access to in depth count statistics and subject ids - This includes new print methods for class “eyes” and “eyes_details” - change id and eye arguments to “id_col” and “eye_col” - previous code should not break because of partial argument name matching. However, the new names make it clearer as to what those arguments are for. - calling set_eye_strings will super-assign the new codes to the internal list object eye_codes - getElem_eyecol now gives precedence to columns that are called “eye” or “eyes” (#30) Simplifications: - simplified pivoting in myop using the pivot_longer regex feature - removed …chr arguments from getElem… functions (redundant) - getElem… now only for vectors (because they were anyways only used for vectors)


summary of changes: - new features for function eyestr - important bug fixes

Details: - eyestr: new “english” argument for more flexibility (#26) - eyestr removed “para” argument - eyestr prints one eye correctly in singular (#25) - eyestr added “caps” argument for more flexibility of spelling - eyestr removed “UK” argument (there is no difference in spelling for numbers :) - eyes fixed missing reference to column (#27) - added internal function tidyNA_low to avoid double tolower call - recodeye fixed fail when trailing white space (#28) - which_va fixed conversion error when mixed ETDRS and logmar (#29)

eye 1.0.1

eye 1.0.0

Major version upgrade of eye 0.1.0!

Functions and objects (details)

Visual acuity handling

Smaller fixes

Data sets

eye 0.1.0

the eye package is online! eye is a tool to facilitate common tasks in ophthalmic research.

Its visual acuity conversion function va() provides eye researchRs with a long coveted tool to handle different visual acuity notations. It works with Snellen, logMAR and ETDRS.

recodeye allows an easy recoding of the eye variable.

It also has some other functions which are mainly intelligent wrapper around already existing functionalities, such as myop and hyperop for reshaping eye specific data, reveal or blink.

See your data with a new eye.