fastverse 0.3.3

fastverse 0.3.2

fastverse 0.3.1

fastverse 0.3.0

fastverse 0.2.4

fastverse 0.2.3

fastverse 0.2.2

fastverse 0.2.1

fastverse 0.2.0

fastverse 0.1.8

CRAN required me to place return values on fastverse_extend() and fastverse_detach() - which do not return anything.

fastverse 0.1.7

Implementing various CRAN comments on 0.1.6 (small things), and setting up synchronous development of CRAN and GitHub version through a ‘development’ branch which can be merged into both. Pull requests should be sent to the ‘development’ branch.

fastverse 0.1.6

CRAN rejected 0.1.5, which made sure matrixStats handles attributes consistently whenever the fastverse is attached, because CRAN packages are not allowed to modify the namespace of other packages. Thus 0.1.6 comes in two versions: A CRAN version which takes matrixStats as it is, and a GitHub version which is the original 0.1.5. User who value a consistent matrixStats that preserves dimension names in all functions are recommended the GitHub version.

fastverse 0.1.5

First fastverse CRAN submission on 7th August 2021. Development started in Spring 2021.