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Flametree provides a system for making generative art in R, written with two goals in mind. First, and perhaps foremost, art is inherently enjoyable and generative artists working in R need packages no less than any other R users. Second, the system is designed to be useful in the classroom: getting students to make artwork in class is an enjoyable exercise and flametree can be used as a method to introduce some key R concepts in a fun way. You can install the current version of flametree with:


Alternatively you can install the development version of flametree with:

# install.packages("devtools")

Flametree is fairly flexible and produces art in several different styles. One example is shown here, other possibilities are described throughout the documentation.


# pick some colours
shades <- c("#1b2e3c", "#0c0c1e", "#74112f", "#f3e3e2")

# data structure defining the trees
dat <- flametree_grow(time = 10, trees = 10)

# draw the plot
dat %>% 
    background = "antiquewhite",
    palette = shades, 
    style = "nativeflora"