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flightsbr is an R package to download flight and airport data from Brazil’s Civil Aviation Agency (ANAC). The data includes detailed information on all aircrafts, airports, and airport movements registered in ANAC, on airfares and on every international flight to and from Brazil, as well as domestic flights within the country.


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# or use the development version with latest features

Basic usage

The package currently includes five main functions:

  1. read_flights()
  2. read_airports()
  3. read_aircrafts()
  4. read_airport_movements()
  5. read_airfares()

1) read_flights() to download data on national and international flights.

# flights in a given month/year (yyyymm)
df_201506 <- read_flights(date=201506)

# flights in a given year (yyyy)
df_2015 <- read_flights(date=2015)

2) read_airports() to download data on private and public airports.

airports_all <- flightsbr::read_airports(type = 'all')

airports_prv <- flightsbr::read_airports(type = 'private')
airports_pbl <- flightsbr::read_airports(type = 'public')

3) read_aircrafts() to download aircrafts data.

aircrafts <- read_aircrafts()

4) read_airport_movements() to download data on aiport movements.

airport_ops <- read_airport_movements(date = 202001)

5) read_airfares() to download data on airfares of domestic or international flights.

airfares <- read_airfares(date = 202001, domestic = TRUE)

As of today, there are two repositories/projects with Brazilian aviation data, which include more info related to weather conditions, air traffic management etc. The advantage of flightsbt is that it’s the easiest and fastest way to download flight and airport Data from Brazil in R.

Acknowledgement IPEA

Original data is collected by Brazil’s Civil Aviation Agency (ANAC). The flightsbr package is developed by a team at the Institute for Applied Economic Research (Ipea), Brazil. If you want to cite this package, you can cite it as: