fmpcloudr 0.1.5

Release Notes and News

fmpcloudr 0.1.5

Adding COTS data pull. Fix tests.

fmpcloudr 0.1.4

Switch maintainer

fmpcloudr 0.1.3

Fix fmpc_symbols_index to default to S&P 500. Fix auto tests

fmpcloudr 0.1.2 1/20/2021

Converted fmpc_symbols_sp500 to fmpc_symbols_index to allow for the pulling of S&P 500, Nasdaq, and Dow Jones. Commit f25d4e5

fmpcloudr 0.1.1 10/24/2020

Approved by CRAN: 2020-11-03 with commit 3089cbc.

Incorporates CRAN requested changes on URLs in description, exporting fmpc_security_news function, and using on.exit(), in stock screener function to reset options.

fmpcloudr 0.1.0 10/15/2020

Initial release includes access to all API calls provided by FMP Cloud / Financial Modeling Prep.