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An extension to ggplot2, for the creation of ternary diagrams.

ggtern is a package that extends the functionality of ggplot2, giving the capability to plot ternary diagrams for (subset of) the ggplot2 proto geometries. Ternary diagrams are used frequently in a number of disciplines to graph compositional features for mixtures of three different elements or compounds. It is possible to represent a coordinate system having three (3) degrees of freedom, in 2D space, since the third dimention is linear and depends only on the other two.

ggtern is a package that is based on (extends) the very popular ggplot2, which is an implementation of Wilkinsons The Grammar of Graphics, and, makes provision for a highly methodical construction process for the development of meaningful (graphical) data representations. Of course, the above book by Wilkinson outlines the theory, whilst Hadley Wickhams ggplot2 implementation is where much of the magic happens, and, an ideal base-platform for ggtern.


Install the latest release on CRAN, install just like any other R package:


To install the development / working version, use the devtools package:



Please contribute push/pull requests via BitBucket repository. Financial contributions, where possible, are very much appreciated. Please navigate to the ggtern website if you are feeling generous…


Nicholas Hamilton [aut, cre]


This project is licensed under GPL2 - see the LICENSE for details.


Please cite ggtern via the following:

Hamilton NE and Ferry M (2018). “ggtern: Ternary Diagrams Using ggplot2.” Journal of Statistical Software, Code Snippets, 87(3), pp. 1-17. doi: 10.18637/jss.v087.c03 (URL:

A bibtex entry can be obtained by executing the following command:



HUGE thanks to Hadley Wickham and all those that have controbuted to the ggplot2 package, without which, this would not be possible.