The heplots package provides a large collection of data sets illustrating a variety of multivariate linear models with some an analyses, and graphical displays. The table below classifies these with method tags (@concept). The main methods are:

In addition, a few examples illustrate special handling for linear hypotheses concerning factors:

The dataset names are linked to the documentation with graphical output on the pkgdown website, [].

0.1 Dataset table

#dsets <- read.csv(here::here("extra", "datasets.csv"))  # doesn't work in a vignette
dsets <- read.csv("")
dsets <- dsets |> dplyr::select(-X) |> arrange(tolower(dataset))

# link dataset to pkgdown doc
refurl <- ""

dsets <- dsets |>
  mutate(dataset = glue::glue("[{dataset}]({refurl}{dataset}.html)")) 

dataset rows cols title tags
AddHealth 4344 3 Adolescent Health Data MANOVA ordered
Adopted 62 6 Adopted Children MMRA repeated
Bees 246 6 Captive and maltreated bees MANOVA
Diabetes 145 6 Diabetes Dataset MANOVA
FootHead 90 7 Head measurements of football players MANOVA contrasts
Headache 98 6 Treatment of Headache Sufferers for Sensitivity to Noise MANOVA repeated
Hernior 32 9 Recovery from Elective Herniorrhaphy MMRA candisc
Iwasaki_Big_Five 203 7 Personality Traits of Cultural Groups MANOVA
mathscore 12 3 Math scores for basic math and word problems MANOVA
MockJury 114 17 Effects Of Physical Attractiveness Upon Mock Jury Decisions MANOVA candisc
NeuroCog 242 10 Neurocognitive Measures in Psychiatric Groups MANOVA candisc
NLSY 243 6 National Longitudinal Survey of Youth Data MMRA
Oslo 332 14 Oslo Transect Subset Data MANOVA candisc
Overdose 17 7 Overdose of Amitriptyline MMRA cancor
Parenting 60 4 Father Parenting Competence MANOVA contrasts
peng 333 8 Size measurements for adult foraging penguins near Palmer Station MANOVA
Plastic 20 5 Plastic Film Data MANOVA
Pottery2 48 12 Chemical Analysis of Romano-British Pottery MANOVA candisc
Probe 11 5 Response Speed in a Probe Experiment MANOVA repeated
RatWeight 27 6 Weight Gain in Rats Exposed to Thiouracil and Thyroxin MANOVA repeated
ReactTime 10 6 Reaction Time Data repeated
Rohwer 69 10 Rohwer Data Set MMRA MANCOVA
RootStock 48 5 Growth of Apple Trees from Different Root Stocks MANOVA contrasts
Sake 30 10 Taste Ratings of Japanese Rice Wine (Sake) MMRA
schooldata 70 8 School Data MMRA robust
Skulls 150 5 Egyptian Skulls MANOVA contrasts
SocGrades 40 10 Grades in a Sociology Course MANOVA candisc
SocialCog 139 5 Social Cognitive Measures in Psychiatric Groups MANOVA candisc
TIPI 1799 16 Data on the Ten Item Personality Inventory MANOVA candisc
VocabGrowth 64 4 Vocabulary growth data repeated
WeightLoss 34 7 Weight Loss Data repeated

0.2 Concept table

This table can be inverted to list the datasets that illustrate each concept:

concepts <- dsets |>
  select(dataset, tags) |>
  tidyr::separate_longer_delim(tags, delim = " ") |>
  arrange(tags, dataset) |>
  summarize(datasets = toString(dataset), .by = tags) |>
  rename(concept = tags)

concept datasets
MANOVA AddHealth, Bees, Diabetes, FootHead, Headache, Iwasaki_Big_Five, MockJury, NeuroCog, Oslo, Parenting, Plastic, Pottery2, Probe, RatWeight, RootStock, Skulls, SocGrades, SocialCog, TIPI, mathscore, peng
MMRA Adopted, Hernior, NLSY, Overdose, Rohwer, Sake, schooldata
cancor Overdose
candisc Hernior, MockJury, NeuroCog, Oslo, Pottery2, SocGrades, SocialCog, TIPI
contrasts FootHead, Parenting, RootStock, Skulls
ordered AddHealth
repeated Adopted, Headache, Probe, RatWeight, ReactTime, VocabGrowth, WeightLoss
robust schooldata