hydrostats is a set of tools to compute streamflow indices commonly used in hydrology and ecology such as: - basic summary statistics - high spells (magnitude, frequency, duration, timing etc.) - low spells - cease-to-flow spells - Colwell’s indices - partial series - baseflow components

Most of the functions can be used with the packages plyr and dplyr to return a dataframe of indices based on an additional grouping variable. This allows the analysis (for example) of data from multiple gauges simultaneously, without the need to write a for loop. While most functions return a single row dataframe, several functions will instead return a dataframe of individual spell characteristics for use in subsequent analysis and plotting.

#Installation To install the latest development version run the following code:

Current version on github and CRAN is 0.2.9.

# install dependencies/suggests:
# devtools required only to install from Github; 
# plyr required for examples
install.packages(c("devtools", "plyr"))

#install pacakge

# Remove the package zip after installation

#Developer Nick Bond n.bond@latrobe.edu.au