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itscalledsoccer is a wrapper around the same API that powers the American Soccer Analysis app. It enables R users to programmatically retrieve advanced analytics for their favorite players and teams, with coverage of the following competitions:


# Install release version from CRAN

# Install development version from GitHub

Getting Started

Initialize the main class with the new method.

asa_client <- AmericanSoccerAnalysis$new()

If you’re in an environment where a proxy server is required, or if you need to need to alter any other CURL options, you can pass any number of httr configs when initializing the class. Use these at your own discretion.

asa_client <- AmericanSoccerAnalysis$new(
    httr::config(ssl_verifypeer = 0L),
    httr::use_proxy("", 8080)


Any of the get_* methods can be used to retrieve the same data made available in the American Soccer Analysis app. Partial matches or abbreviations are accepted for any player or team names. For most methods, arguments must be named. A few examples are below.

# Get all players named "Dax"
asa_players <- asa_client$get_players(names = "Dax")

# Get season-by-season xG data for all players named "Dax"
asa_xgoals <- asa_client$get_player_xgoals(
    leagues = "mls",
    player_names = "Dax",
    split_by_seasons = TRUE

# Get cumulative xPass data for all USL League One teams
asa_xpass <- asa_client$get_team_xpass(
    leagues = "usl1"

# Get game-by-game goals added (g+) data for all goalkeepers named "Matt Turner"
asa_goals_added <- asa_client$get_goalkeeper_goals_added(
    leagues = c("mls", "uslc"),
    player_names = "Matt Turner",
    split_by_game = TRUE