juicr package for R

purpose of the juicr package

juicr is a GUI interface to automated, semi-automated, and manual tools for extracting data from scientific images – like scatter or bar plots that contain data, or other images with information that can be converted numerically or coordinates classified. More information about juicr can be found at http://lajeunesse.myweb.usf.edu.

video tutorial

A brief use and installation tutorial for juicr can be watched on Youtube here: http://lajeunesse.myweb.usf.edu

installation instructions and dependencies

juicr has an external dependency that needs to be installed and loaded prior to use in R. This is the EBImage R package (Pau et al. 2010) available only from the Bioconductor repository: https://www.bioconductor.org. To properly install juicr, start with the following R script that loads the Bioconductor resources needed to install the EBImage (also accept all dependencies):


This dependency sometimes results in CRAN failing to generate a binary of juicr for your OS – which sadly happens often. In this case install from the source, for example:

install.packages("juicr_0.1.tar.gz", repos = "http://cran.us.r-project.org", type = "source", dependencies = TRUE)

How to cite?

Lajeunesse, M.J. (2021) Automated, semi-automated, and manual extraction of numerical data from scientific images, plot, charts, and figures. R package version 0.1. https://CRAN.R-project.org/package=juicr

Found a bug?

Please email me at lajeunesse@usf.edu with the subject header: “juicr bug” and in the body please include juicr’s version, your OS, and a short description of the issue. I will try to include fixes in following releases.