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This is the package that powers the fourth down calculator introduced in this piece on The Athletic.

The code that powers the Twitter fourth down bot is in this folder here and the code that runs the Shiny app is here.


The easiest way to get the released version of nfl4th is to install it from CRAN with:


To get a bug fix or to use a feature from the development version, you can install the development version of nfl4th from GitHub with:

install.packages("nfl4th", repos = c("", getOption("repos")))

or by using remotes:

if (!require("remotes")) install.packages("remotes")


Current limitations

There are some edge cases that are not accounted for. These should only make a marginal difference to the recommendations as they are largely edge cases (e.g. the possibility for a field goal to be blocked and returned).

Get Started

To get started with nfl4th please see this article. Some examples of 4th down research using the package can be found here.