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This is a model library for nlmixr2. The package allows a few ways to interact with the model library:

# See all available models
# Load the "PK_1cmt" model
# Switch residual error to additive
modellib(name="PK_1cmt", reserr = "addSd")
# Add inter-individual variability on ka and v and switch residual error to
# additive and proportional
modellib(name="PK_1cmt", eta = c("lka", "lv"), reserr = c("addSd", "propSd"))

Modifying models by piping

You may also modify any model from the library (or your own models) with a piping interface. The code below adds inter-individual variability on ka and v and then switches residual error to additive and proportional.

modellib(name="PK_1cmt") %>%
  addEta(c("lka", "lv") %>%
  addResErr(c("addSd", "propSd"))

Possible extensions

The modellib function is set-up in way that it can be easily extended and used in other applications. A possible extension could be implementation in a shiny app. An app can be created to easily add new models to the model library database (curated?), and directly make these models available for other users. I believe there can be added value in having a base model library that can be easily extended by the community this way.