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A reproducible workflow for binning and visualizing NMR spectra from environmental samples

Install the package using:



remotes::install_github("kaizadp/nmrrr", build_vignettes = TRUE)

Vignettes can be accessed within R:

browseVignettes(package = "nmrrr")


The {nmrrr} package is intended for post-processing of NMR data, including importing, merging and, cleaning data from multiple files, visualizing NMR spectra, performing binning/integrations for compound classes, and relative abundance calculations.
A strong feature of this package is the ability to batch-process multiple samples, and to do so in a reproducible manner.

This package can be easily inserted into existing analysis workflows by users to help with analyzing and interpreting NMR data.

Before using this package, NMR spectra must be processed in MestreNova or TopSpin (phase corrected, baseline corrected, deconvoluted, peak picked, normalized).


nmr_import_spectra() Import all files from the specified path and generate a single long-form dataframe with all samples.
nmr_assign_bins() Bin the spectra/assign compound classes based on the preferred bin set. see below for available options.
nmr_plot_spectra() Plot spectra. If multiple spectra are present, they will be vertically offset.
nmr_import_peaks Import and process peaks files generated after peak-picking in MNova.
nmr_relabund() Compute relative abundance of compound classes based on bin assignments.


Binset name Solution or solid-state Target NMR nuclei Solvent Citation
bins_CadeMenun2015 solution 31P D2O + NaOH + EDTA Cade-Menun, 2015
bins_Clemente2012 solution 1H DMSO-D6 Clemente et al., 2012
bins_Hertkorn2013 solution 1H MeOD Hertkorn et al., 2013
bins_Lynch2019 solution 1H D2O Lynch et al., 2019
bins_Mitchell2018 solution 1H DMSO-D6 Mitchell et al., 2018
bins_ss_Baldock2004 solid 13C N/A Baldock et al., 2004
bins_ss_Clemente2012 solid 13C N/A Clemente et al., 2012
bins_ss_Preston2009 solid 13C N/A Preston et al., 2009

Users can choose from the available options, or can import their own preferred bin set. See vignette("nmrrr") for more details.


We encourage users to provide feedback as GitHub Issues.
We also encourage users to submit additional NMR binsets via GitHub Issues or pull requests, so they can be incorporated into future versions of the package.

Used this package? Use citation("nmrrr") for citation information.