Deploying to a Server / the Cloud

As the interactive app has been built using shiny, there are several ways of deploying it. Two of the most common ways are explained in this document and additional information on deploying a shiny application can be found here.

Using shiny-server ✨

Shiny-server is an application to easily run shiny apps on a server.

Once you have a running instance of shiny-server, you can easily setup the interactive occupationMeasurement shiny app by adding a new script called app.R with the following code:



You can of course carry over all the settings / your custom questionnaire passed to app() for a more complex configuration.

Using docker 🐳

For easy deployment of the api, the package comes with a pre-built docker image called

To test this image on your local machine you can run the following command in your command line (this assumses you have Docker installed):

docker run --rm -p 3838:3838 -v $(pwd)/output:/srv/shiny-server/output

For more detailed information on the docker images if you e.g. want to build your own refer to the docker directory in the repository.