pivotaltrackR: An R Client for the Pivotal Tracker API

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Pivotal Tracker is a tool for project management. This package lets you communicate with its API from R.

While the basic methods for working with “stories”, the main object of interest in Pivotal Tracker, are implemented, the package is very much a work in progress. If you find this useful and want to see more, please make an issue or (even better!) a pull request.


Install the package from CRAN with


The pre-release version of the package can be pulled from GitHub using the remotes package:


Getting started

To access the Pivotal Tracker API, you’ll need to get an API token, and then you’ll need to provide the token and your project ID as “options”. Set them in your current session with

options(pivotal.token="REDACTED", pivotal.project=12345)

or put that in your .Rprofile for use in every session.

See vignette("pivotaltrackR") for an overview.

Endpoints supported

Pagination of large responses is handled automatically: no need to make special requests to fetch all.

For developers

The repository includes a Makefile to facilitate some common tasks, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Running tests

$ make test. Requires the httptest package. You can also specify a specific test file or files to run by adding a “file=” argument, like $ make test file=api. test_package will do a regular-expression pattern match within the file names. See its documentation in the testthat package.

Updating documentation

$ make doc. Requires the roxygen2 package.