plotdap 1.0.3

Removed archived maptools from Suggests

plotdap 1.0.2

fixed problem with package level documentation not working properly

plotdap 1.0.1

Correctly removed dependency on rgeos, rgdal

plotdap 1.0.0

Removed direct dependency on rgeos, rgdal Fixed Broken URLs in DESCRIPTION, vignette

plotdap 0.0.9

Vignette changed so it will not fail on CRAN

plotdap 0.0.8

fixed animation bug in ‘add_griddap()’ not finding the correct number of frames

plotdap 0.0.7

plotdap 0.0.6

plotdap 0.0.5

plotdap 0.0.4

plotdap 0.0.3

plotdap 0.0.2

First CRAN release