This is an R-Package for creating and managing empirical crowd-sourcing studies via API access to the Prolific platform.

It implements a number of user-friendly functionalities for creating and managing potentially large numbers of studies on the Prolific crowd-sourcing platform via its API.

Object classes

prolific.api provides three ReferenceClasses to access the Prolific API, namely api_access, prolific_study and prolific_prescreener. An overview is provided below.

api_access objects

provide functionalities for accessing the API, which requires to specify a valid API token.

prolific_study objects

represent studies to be created or managed on Prolific. Users can create new studies, or retrieve existing studies from Prolific and apply updates to them.

prolific_prescreener objects

characterize the participants to be selected for a certain prolific_study, i.e. the requirements that a person needs to meet to be recruited for the prolific_study.


A researcher account on Prolific is required to use the functionalities of this package. To use this account, a valid Prolific API token must be specified for authentication. These tokens are . Once you chose the correct workspace Prolific web UI, the tokens can be managed in the Settings -> Go to API token page menu.