rvMF 0.1.0

rvMF 0.0.8

rvMF 0.0.7

  1. clang-ASAN, gcc-ASAN: For the function ‘rvMFangle’, the case where kappa=0 was not handled in the previously submitted code. That is why the second example failed. However, I should note that ‘rvMFangle’ is wrapped by the function ‘rvMF’, and the case where kappa=0 is handled in the ‘rvMF’ function. That is, the function ‘rvMFangle(…,…, kappa=0)’ is never called by the ‘rvMF’ function. I revised the document, and clarified that the parameter ‘kappa > 0’ for the function ‘rvMFangle’. I therefore replaced the previous example on the ‘rvMFangle’ function with kappa = 0.1. Versions 0.0.5–0.0.7 had lack of explanation on this issue.

  2. valgrind: As noted by the CRAN, the source of error was not freeing the malloced (or calloced) array. I now free them at the end of the function. I checked this with my linux + valgrind, and no error occurs anymore.

rvMF 0.0.5, 0.0.6, 0.0.7

rvMF 0.0.4

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rvMF 0.0.2