scaRabee is a toolkit for modeling and simulation primarily intended for the field of pharmacometrics. It was initially a R port [1] of Scarabee, a Matlab-based application developed for the simulation and optimization of pharmacokinetic and/or pharmacodynamic models specified with algebraic equations, ordinary or delay differential equations [2]. It is now the only version supported and being developed. Since its first release, the scaRabee package has been improved and now contains functionality which was not present in the original Matlab version.

Preliminary notice

This vignette constitutes a user manual for scaRabee. This manual assumes that the reader is familiar with the concepts of pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic modeling and the underlying statistical theories. It is not the objective of this manual to explain and review those methods and theories. Readers who are new to this field are invited to read the excellent introductory and more advanced books from Gabrielsson and Weiner [3], Bonate [4] or Ette and Williams [5].

The systems analyzed in scaRabee must be specified, for most parts, using the R language and all analyses should be executed within the R environment in interactive or batch mode. Presentations of the R language are out of the scope of this manual.

Whatโ€™s new?

Version 1.1-3 introduces minor changes to scaRabee related primarily to the update of the neldermead package. Dosing variables Dx and Rx can now be provided as derived variables.

How to obtain scaRabee

scaRabee is available at the Comp