Description of Output Columns

Shane Orr

usincometaxes returns tax results as a data frame, with each column representing tax information such as federal and state income taxes owed or other line items. Each row corresponds to a row in the input data frame. Users can specify the amount of output with the return_all_information parameter in taxsim_calculate_taxes(). Setting return_all_information to TRUE returns a data frame with 42 columns of detailed tax information. FALSE returns 9 columns of key information. FALSE leads to quicker calculations and downloads from the NBER’s servers.

usincometaxes provides the same output as TAXSIM 35. Setting return_all_information to FALSE equates to setting idtl to 0 in TAXSIM, while TRUE corresponds to 2.

Standard columns

Returned columns when return_all_information = FALSE.

Marginal rates are with respect to wage income unless another rate is requested. If detailed intermediate results are requested, the following 35 columns of data are added:.

Detailed columns

Returned columns when return_all_information = TRUE.

All standard columns shown above, plus:

The following columns are zero if no state is specified:

Additional federal results: